Known Issues

Kitematic is in beta, and we’re still working out the kinks. The most common errors occur at the setup stage since creating a VM reliably with VirtualBox can be tricky.

In the meantime, below are a list of common errors and solutions that work for most people.

Setup Error or Hanging at 99%

Sometimes Kitematic doesn’t set up VirtualBox properly. Retrying the setup usually works (via one of the two retry buttons). If not, try the following commands on the command line:

  • docker-machine rm -f dev
  • docker-machine create -d virtualbox dev

Then re-open Kitematic. This usually fixes the issue, but if it persists, feel free to view our existing GitHub issues.

Contributing Fixes

We’re always looking for help to make Kitematic better and more reliable! Visit our GitHub page for docs on how to contribute.

Under the hood, Kitematic uses Docker Machine to provision Docker-enabled VMs via VirtualBox. We’re still working on a stronger integration with this project. Their GitHub repo is a great place to start if you’re looking to help fix specific issues around VM provisioning.

View All Issues

For a full list of Kitematic bugs or issues see our GitHub issues labelled as bug.